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May 31st, 2009 No comments

It is Sunday morning and we are working on the regional magazines which have 6 full color pages on each BCS conference team and 4 full color pages on the remaining 1-A conferences. In each regional this year we will also be including that areas 1-AA (FCS) teams. I am right now working on the most improved guidelines for each of the FCS teams.

I looked at Turnovers = Turnaround for the 1-AA teams over the last 2 years. Teams have to be -10 in Turnovers to make the list and that occurred 31 times in 2006 & 2007. Those teams improved their record 20 times, had weaker records 9 times and the same record twice. That shows 71% of the teams that had negative double digit turnovers the previous year had a stronger or the same record. While not as strong as the 77% for 1-A teams it is still a solid 71% guideline. Read more…

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Breakdown of 2009 Returning Lettermen

May 30th, 2009 No comments

So far this week I have gone over the tackles returning % from 2008 for each of the 120 teams and yesterday it was total offensive yards returning from 2008. Today I look at lettermen.

You cannot compare teams in terms of lettermen returning as some schools hand out letters for being at practice every day and others do not even award letters to some players in the two deep! The lowest amount of letters awarded in the last 10 years was 38 at Syracuse in 2003 and by contrast Nebraska in 2001 handed out 82! You cannot judge a team based on lettermen returning or lost. You can judge a team by % of lettermen returning which does away with the total number. As an example 32 lettermen returning out of 38 would be 85% and that is impressive. Equally impressive would be 70 of 82 lettermen returning which is the same 85%. Only two teams have lower than 50% lettermen returning this year (both service academies). This year the most experienced team in terms of lettermen returning that finished in the Top 10 last year is Alabama with 83.3%. Bama has 55 of 66 lettermen back this year. Texas is not too far behind at 81.3% which is the 5th highest. Read more…

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Percentage of Yards Returning to Each Team in 2009

May 29th, 2009 No comments

Back on Tuesday I gave the % of tackles returning for everyone of the 120 FBS teams. This is part of the new experience chart that I put in this years magazine. Today I want to look at the % of yards returning for the offenses. I took all of the yards each QB threw for as well as all of the individual rushing yards and receiving yards for each team. I then took all of the returning yards from ’08 for the percentage.

At the top of the chart is UCF. They lost one skill player from the offense who played in two games and did not have any yards. Every player who ran, passed or caught the ball last year is back and they are the only team in the NCAA with 100% of their 2008 yards returning. BCS schools at the top of the list include: Kansas (97%), Georgia Tech (95.3%), Illinois (95.3%) and Notre Dame (95.3%). Read more…

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College Football Season Officially Starts!

May 28th, 2009 No comments


That signals the “official” start of the College Football season when you have your Phil Steele College Football Preview in your hands.

Way back on Tuesday May 12th we sent the final pages to the printer for this years 2009 Phil Steele’s College Football Preview. The magazine was printed, bound and then put into boxes and stacked onto pallets. It was then loaded onto trucks and off to the newsstands and book stores and a shipment was sent to our office. This morning our shipment has arrived and we are unloading the truck as I type this. Today EVERY one of the magazines that was purchased during the winter and spring was shipped out today! As of today May 28th all orders will be shipped within 24 hrs, unless ordered on Fri, Sat or Sun in which case they will go out on Monday. I actually lose money on the shipping and handling as I just charge you for the postage and not the labor or materials to ship the magazines. If you order now I do however recommend that you spend the additional $3 and get it mailed Priority Mail. Priority Mail is $4.95 and if you are like me, when you order something you want it in your hands as soon as possible. The Post Office does not guarantee Priority Mail but this is an approximate 2 to 5 day delivery time which should get it there faster (normally mailed book rate due to its weight which can take up to 10 business days or longer). If you add priority mail your total cost is just $13.95 and it will be shipped within 24 hrs. Call 1-866-918-7711 to order yours today.

The official on sale date of the magazine is June 9th, but if our shipment is here that means most distributors have their deliveries and they will start sending them out to the book stores. The next delay is getting the bookstores to get them out of the back room and onto the shelves. There should be some stores with them on the shelves perhaps by this weekend but most will be closer to that June 9th on-sale date. If you see the magazine in your area before June 9th, just send me a note via the Questions and Answers with Phil Steele and we will post the different locations on our website.

The Biggest Favorites Amongst Conferences

May 27th, 2009 No comments

For the last month or so we have been running polls on the site with you the college football fan voting for who will be the champs in each conference and or division. It looks like most of the BCS conferences received about 2500 votes and the non BCS conferences got about 1500. I want to thank each and every one of you that voted for taking your time to do so. Read more…

Breakdown of Returning Offensive Tackles

May 26th, 2009 No comments

Welcome to a brand new feature on the website. As opposed to making two long Weekly Notes versions, I will have a daily blog and try to pack as much information into it each day as I can.

In this years 2009 which will be on the newsstands on June 9, I made a brand new experience chart. The old chart had just the Seniors, Juniors, Sophs and Frosh from the 2 deep which analyzed the age of each team. I kept those numbers and also added in the % of lettermen returning, the % of yards offense returning, the % or tackles returning and the Career starts returning for the offensive line. Read more…

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