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Polls, Polls and Polls

August 31st, 2010 No comments

The Week One Poll is available right now!

You can vote on who will win this week’s games by clicking the above link. This poll is separate from the conference and non-conference poll contest that you have been voting on all summer long. The tie breaker will be whoever correctly picks the biggest upset to occur. For example if two players are tied at the top, the person who correctly predicted a 17 pt underdog to win will get the nod over someone who did not pick any upsets.

Every week I will announce the winners of the weekly poll along with the prizes. This first week the prizes are as follows:

1st Place. Complete Set of Phil Steele magazines and Polo Shirt
2nd Place. Your choice of two magazines and Polo or T shirt
3rd Place. Phil T Shirt
4th Place. Phil T Shirt
5th Place. Phil T Shirt

Make sure you get in on the week one vote I will keep a running talley of the leaders during the year in two categories A) Total Wins B) Winning Percentage. I will update this weekly as well. Best of all the contest is FREE!!! Read more…

FBS Injury Updates

August 28th, 2010 3 comments

It seems like every day I am circling 5-10 players who have been lost for the season for one reason or another. You need to go to the injury list on the front page and update your magazine. There are nearly 600 players that were lost since the magazine was written which is about 5 players per team! I use a red pen to circle players that were lost prior to the year and then a blue pen to circle players lost during the year. This gives you a real good idea of the most beat up and also the most injury free teams during the year. Remember when Oklahoma won their national title in 2000 they had ZERO starters miss ZERO games with injury. Also in 2007 Utah went just 9-4 as they led the nation in starts lost to injury. How did that team do with less injuries in 2008? They went unbeaten and finished #2 in the country! I keep a weekly tally of starts lost for the year with injury and will have a list here on each week.

Here are some key players that will not be playing this season: Read more…

Complete FCS Updates

August 27th, 2010 2 comments

Today we look at the FCS preseason polls, introduce a great website that follows FCS and other small schools, and much more in our blog! Written by Josh Buchanan.

FCS Coaches Preseason Top 25

The Sports Network/ FCS Top-25 College Football Poll

Team (No. 1 Votes)
1. Villanova (22)
2. Montana (2)
3. Appalachian State (4)
4. William & Mary
5. Southern Illinois
6. Richmond
7. Elon
8. Stephen F. Austin
9. New Hampshire
10. South Dakota State
11. McNeese State
12. South Carolina State
13. Northern Iowa
14. Eastern Washington
15. James Madison
16. Eastern Illinois
17. Jacksonville State
18. Weber State
19. Delaware
20. Liberty
21. Prairie View A&M
22. Colgate
23. Northern Arizona
24. Montana State
T25. Cal-Poly
T25. Holy Cross
Team (First-place votes)
1. Villanova Wildcats (104)
2. Montana Grizzlies (9)
3. Appalachian State Mountaineers (8)
4. William & Mary Tribe (3)
5. Southern Illinois Salukis (1)
6. Richmond Spiders (1)
7. Elon Phoenix
8. Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks
9. South Dakota State Jackrabbits
10. New Hampshire Wildcats
11. South Carolina State Bulldogs
12. McNeese State Cowboys
13. Eastern Washington Eagles
14. Northern Iowa Panthers
15. James Madison Dukes
16. Delaware Blue Hens
17. Jacksonville State Gamecocks
18. Eastern Illinois Panthers
19. Weber State Wildcats
20. Prairie View A&M Panthers
21. Liberty Flames
22. Colgate Raiders
23. Penn Quakers
24. Montana State Bobcats
25. Holy Cross Crusaders

Read more…

Ohio St vs Michigan Future?

August 26th, 2010 11 comments

vs Future?

The Big Ten will be going to a division format next year with the addition of Nebraska and recently there has been a lot of speculation that traditional powers Ohio St and Michigan will be separated and placed in opposite divisions. This argument to separate them has been gaining steam over the past several days with comments made by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and Michigan AD Dave Brandon in the media.

First let me say that I am a traditionalist when it comes to college football. I love all the great rivalries and traditions, which makes the game the greatest in all of sports. With this in mind, I am STRONGLY against the idea of Michigan and Ohio St being split up in separate divisions and the game being moved to the middle of the season for several reasons. Read more…

Non-Conference Poll Update

August 25th, 2010 No comments

The non-conference polls are shaping up and if you have not voted already you have until Monday August 30th to vote on who you think will win each non-conference game played this year! First Let’s Look at Some of the Key Non-Conference Matchups So Far

71% of the voters feel Florida will beat Florida St on the road.
60% of the voters feel Georgia will beat Georgia Tech at home.
54% of the voters feel South Carolina will beat Clemson on the road.
80% of the voters feel Oregon will beat Tennessee on the road.
83% of the voters feel Alabama will beat Penn St at home.
85% of the voters feel Auburn will beat Clemson at home.
64% of the voters feel Arkansas will beat Texas A&M in Arlington.
56% of the voters feel LSU will beat North Carolina in Atlanta.
76% of the voters feel Ohio St will beat Miami, Fl at home.
64% of the voters feel Iowa will beat Arizona on the road.
75% of the voters feel Notre Dame will beat Michigan at home.
69% of the voters feel Nebraska will beat Washington on the road.
78% of the voters feel Oklahoma will beat Florida St at home.
51% of the voters feel Boise St will beat Virginia Tech in Landover.
56% of the voters feel Miami, Fl will beat Pittsburgh on the road.
64% of the voters feel USC will beat Notre Dame at home.
62% of the voters feel TCU will beat Oregon St in Arlington. Read more…

AP Poll: Overrated/Underrated Teams

August 24th, 2010 10 comments

The AP Poll was released over the weekend and today I can officially come up with Overrated and Underrated teams for the upcoming year.

First, here is the Preseason AP Top 25. Read more…

AP Top 10 Projection Results

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

Over the weekend the preseason AP Top 25 was released with defending national champ Alabama clearly ranked #1. Every year I am particularly intrigued by who is placed in the preseason AP Top 10 as I try to predict what those teams will be shortly after the previous season is completed.

Most AP voters usually look at a couple of criteria when they evaluate a team for the upcoming season. First they look at the number of returning starters that the team has coming back particularly at the offensive skill positions. A team that returns its starting QB and a combination of its RB and WRs is often times more highly thought of than a team that loses its starting QB but returns its entire offensive line. Similarly a team that returns most of its starters on offense but loses a lot of its defensive playmakers usually is more highly thought of than a team that returns a majority of its defensive starters but loses its skill position players on offense. Read more…

2010 Coaching Changes

August 20th, 2010 No comments

From 2005-’08 I published an article titled Coaching Changes in my College Football Preview magazine. Each year I try to make the magazine a little bit bigger and a little bit better but we’re capped out at 328 pages so Coaching Changes does not appear in my 2010 magazine. We have had a lot of requests for this article and since the website has an unlimited amount of room, is a great vehicle to continue publishing this article and I will do so each year. Read more…

Two Deep Breakdown By Class Update

August 19th, 2010 5 comments

For more than 7 years I have published an “Experience Chart” in my National College Football Preview. The old version of this chart just took into account the overall experience from the 2 deep for each squad. Last year I revised the Experience Chart and created a New and Improved version. The new chart uses 20% of the experience grade from the old chart, 20% from the % of lettermen returning, 20% from the % of tackles returning, 20% from the % of yards returning and 20% from the career starts of the offensive line.

The most experienced teams when using the old chart were usually the service academies which play a lot of seniors and juniors. Using the old method (which is listed below) the top 5 most experienced teams in terms of upperclassmen in the two deep are: 1. Hawaii 2. Navy 3. Army 4. Air Force and 5. UAB. Iowa St ranks the highest among BCS teams coming in at #11. Read more…

Early Look at the Marquee Non-Conference Games

August 18th, 2010 4 comments

The college football season is fast approaching and in today’s blog I will give you a sneak peak at some of the early marquee college football non-conference games and how I think they will shake out as of right now. Also included is your current voting tallies for each of these games.

Remember if you visit the homepage right now, you can get a head start on voting in the Non-Conference Poll with all the non-conference games. To see where you rank against other voters, as soon as your vote is entered in, you will see the % stacked with or against you. In the next day or two the four remaining non-BCS conferences will be added on the front page. The Non-Conference Poll will run until Sunday, Aug 29th. On Monday the 30th, look for the Weekly Polls to start. There are games every day Thursday September 2nd thru Monday September 6th as the first week of the season looks to kick off with a bang! Weekly prizes will be awarded throughout the season. Read more…