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2011 Magazine Cover Boys!

Today’s blog includes all of my Magazine Covers with the exception of the National Cover.

Making a magazine cover has always been a big deal for college players all the way back to the old Street & Smith days which featured the top players without their face masks. In past years I have had 10 different covers that I ship out to different parts of the United States so you can pick up a mag with your favorite player in that region on it. This year I have expanded to 11 covers by revealing my brand new “Northwest Cover” which features players from Oregon, Washington and Boise St on it!

While most magazines break down their covers by conference, I feel my covers separate themselves as I produce special Florida, Texas and Alabama/Auburn covers. Also I am the only magazine that has a Armed Forces cover which this year features all the running backs.

Some highlights on covers this year are a record 37 different players from 35 schools made my cover including 4 non-BCS players making the desired spot: Boise St’s QB Kellen Moore is featured on the Northwest cover while TCU’s LB Tank Carder and Houston’s QB Case Keenum make the Texas cover. Finally Tulsa All-Purpose man Damaris Johnson makes my B12 cover! Also Boise St QB Kellen Moore, USC QB Matt Barkley, Florida RB Jeff Demps and Oklahoma WR Ryan Broyles made a cover for a second year in a row. Broken down by position, 12 RB’s made my covers followed by 9 QB’s, 7 LB’s, 6 WR’s, 2 DL and 1 DB. Check out all the covers below!

The official on sale date of my magazine is June 7th! Trucks should be here in Cleveland with copies ready to ship a full week before it hits the newsstands. The cost is $13.70 and that includes Priority Mail ($4.75) with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 days, however THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED BY THE POST OFFICE. You can place your order through our office at 1-866-918-7711 or at PhilSteele.com. You get your choice of 11 different covers and the website is your best option. (PhilSteele.com store)

Please check PhilSteele.com everyday to get my Top 30 Countdown which started yesterday with #30 Air Force. Every day now thru June 15th, I will post both magazine pages on each team and you can get an early look on how I breakdown your favorite team. Remember those magazine pages are available for only 24 hours for you to download. Today BYU comes in at #29.

I will be back later this week with information on how you can get an advanced copy of this year’s magazine!






Big 12


Big 10

PAC 12

East Coast


Armed Forces

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  • Jorge Brooks

    Hey Phil, when do we get to see the FCS cover(s)

  • http://www.philsteele.com Phil Steele

    Do you not see my Pac-12 Cover which has Andrew Luck, Stanford and Matt Barkley, USC on it? Also I have a new Northwest Cover this year to include Washington, Oregon and Boise St. I think I cover all the main regions fairly. Thanks, Phil

  • Hollywoodknight

    Speaking of the PAC-12, I’d like to give my predictions for 2011. I
    think this will be a tough year for most PAC-12 teams.  The best teams
    lost much of their talent, and the weakest teams have a long way to go. 
    I see Utah as a threat that will add losses to many teams’ records, and I’d be surprised to see anyone go undefeated as a result.  Oregon has to face LSU in game one, and then a good Nevada team the following week.  Their season ends with Stanford, USC, and Oregon St.  Those are five games where they have a good chance of losing.  As for Stanford,
    their schedule is much lighter, but Andrew Luck has to find a way to 1)
    avoid being killed, as every DE will want to stop this guy from being
    the #1 draft choice, 2) find some receivers to pick up the slack as most
    of Stanford’s experienced receivers were lost, and 3) hope that Stepfan
    Taylor can run the ball enough to open up the pass.  I don’t think
    staying another year was a good idea for Luck- given the loss of the
    head coach and some top linemen (including his center), but I understand
    he didn’t need the NFL as his family has money.  I see Stanford ending the season with a 9-3 or 8-4 record despite their soft schedule.  USC
    is looking to another mediocre season – mainly because they don’t have
    anything to play for – the sanctions continue, and it’s hard to motivate
    a team that can’t earn the reward at the end of the day.  Look for Troy
    to have a 7-5 or 8-4 season this year.  Washington has
    to rebuild again- and I don’t see them posting better than a 6-6 season
    or 7-5 at best.  UW is going to be a serious contender in the future,
    but it will take Sarkisian a few more years to reach that level.  I really think Utah can
    rack up a 9-3 record this season, and their role in the Pac-12 this
    year will be a spoiler as they add losses to the teams they play –
    thereby costing those teams bowl game berths and conference rankings. 
    Arizona State is supposed to be a threat this year, but I just don’t see
    it.  Arizona, Oregon St., UCLA (which can be one of the most improved
    teams), and possibly Colorado will fill out the middle.  Washington St.
    (also stands to improve) and Cal will be the whipping boys.